8 Signs You Are Truly A College Student

  1. 98% of your days end with plopping down in a chair & throwing your bag down proclaiming to your friend:636062210907467187-1716785710_large
  2. Running into doors and saying “whoops didn’t see you there”giphy4
  3. Passing by someone on the sidewalk and hearing “I failed but its okay because I’m planing on dropping out anyway” 4Va9w
  4. Hearing someones (somewhat) guilty confession to a friend that they haven’t started on the homework due in the next class as they continue to scroll through Facebookgiphy
  5. “I ate four cookies at lunch but its okay, I take the stairsgiphy3
  6. Getting four extra shots in your coffee
  7. “You should come theres free…”  Student:giphy2
  8. *Group of friends gets on elevator*  “No point in putting on makeup, Ill sweat it all off anyway.”giphy5


Hope you enjoyed these! I found myself and my friends doing half of them throughout the week.  As much as we all love it, college is rough.  Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself and keep conquering the day.

With love,




Move In Day, The Ultimate Stress 

You pull up, put your car in park, and await your first interaction with actual college students at your brand new home.  Lucky for me at TWU, all I had to do was wait for the car to be unloaded by a specially selected team of men.  I feel the back of my truck being opened and my first interaction on campus is “Wow, your car smells really good!  What is in here?”.  Lucky for me all I could think of was how big his muscles were.  All that came out was “Oh, it’s air freshener”.

I am gifted in bland responses.

Flash foreward and I’ve unloaded everything into my dorm room.  And although my curly hair is sticking out in every way possible, my back is already hurting from the endless amount of organizing I will surely be doing, and I am embarking on a new journey into a life with more uncertainness then I have ever found myself in, all I can think about is the endless amounts of roommate horror stories I have been watching on YouTube.

What if my roommate won’t let me leave my fan on?  What if she leaves trash everywhere?  What if she stays up blaring music until three o’clock every night?

The “what ifs” were endless.

And yet, all of the nights praying for a roommate who will further my walk with Christ have come to pass.  My roommate likes the room freezing cold, loves Netflix, is majoring in a similar degree, is super nice, and has siblings (so she knows what its like to grow up in a loud crazy household).

Although I will have many awkward conversations on campus and moments where I miss my family, I am ready to tackle my first year of college knowing that I have someone living with me who I feel comfortable with and can relate to.

With love,


Dear Strong-Willed Readers

To my fellow highly opinionated, and assertive readers.

I know what it’s like to get called stubborn.  And not in a good way.  All the time people call us commanding and annoying because we like to stand up for who we are and what we believe in.  Like it is something we shouldn’t be proud of.

But I’m proud to be an individual.  I’m proud to be someone who just wants to spread my opinions and have debates that are thoroughly thought out, respectful, and mature.

Let your voice be heard.  If you have an unpopular opinion, don’t be afraid to show what you believe in.  Don’t be intimated by other people who are too timid and ashamed to have their own.

Don’t forget who you are and what you believe in as people push you to fold into something you are not.

From me to you, with love

Thoughts On High School Friendships

Hey guys!  It has been a while since I have been on.  I’ve been busy with school stuff, catching up on tasks that I’ve had all year to work on (senioritis helloooo).

What I’m coming back here to talk about are friendships.  I have made so many friends throughout all of these years in high school.  Over time, I have grown close to people I never thought I would be friends with and likewise, have grown apart from people that I thought I would forever be attached to.

It’s taken me a long time to realize this, but your true friends will always be there for you.  Yes.  You WILL have your fights, your indifferences, and your TOTALLY different opinions.  There will be days when you want to pull your best friends hair out or yell at the top of your lungs out of frustration.

Don’t give up.

Don’t give up on your friends.  Don’t give up on the relationships that MAY last you a lifetime.  Although it is not always realistic to say you will talk to all of your high school friends for the rest of your life, you may.

We are all growing and learning who we are right now.  Your friends may not be the same people five years from now.  So don’t give up.  Don’t “drop” all of your friends because they slipped up and said something that hurts.  We are all learning how to live in a world where we are expected to grow up too young and be perfect in our everyday lives.  We can’t do the same to our fellow peers.

Love each other.  Give each other second chances.  Maybe you have differences with someone now, but that doesn’t mean they won’t mature one day.  Who knows.  Maybe your enemy is your future best friend.

From me to you, with love


Beautiful Soul

Beautiful beautiful

Your words so kind

Your smile so nice


Daylight so bright


A halo around your body

Yet you do not feel

Its warmth


Color so luminous

Radiating, shining in the effervescent light

Your skin all of these things

How do you get to be so magnificently



You hear the people who can not see the hurt

behind your smile

Sending their opinions of your beauty

Naming you the enchanter

Every day you hear them

Saying you are beauty


Such a soft voice

Such luscious hair

What a nice body

But what do you truly



Do you believe that your beauty beams from the inside out

Sparkles only in other people’s


Do you not see it


Do you believe

When you get home curled

Up on your couch swallowed in

A duvet stuffed with self-pity

That your body

Is brimming

With the most magnificent of souls


Do you believe that your layers of skin thrashing

In the wind will ever portray your sweet soul

Hidden within


You are oh so sweet

Oh so kind

Oh so charming

But you don’t believe that, do you?


You believe


Your skin has too many scars

Carved from sports that keep your body in its

Pristine hourglass shape

You believe


Your hair has been cursed in all

Of its stringy brown essence

And the way your

Dirty lake water eyes shine against an afternoon sky

Means you do not deserve

To be seen among the livid, bright lives

Among the elegance


You believe


You could never live up to the

Ideas of beauty

Society places on the lids

Of every closed eye


In order to live a happy life

You must see and bask in your own pure beauty


Your skin, your hair

Your body

Your outer appearances

Do not define who you are

If you have

A beautiful soul

You are beautiful

Feel your beauty

Understand your beauty and

Never think

You are less than

Who you are on the inside  


Believe the honeyed words

The commercials the

People who pour melodies out of their mouths

Because their melodies are not lies


The beautiful soul you are   


Search your Heart: God is in there Waiting

In the past couple months, I have found someone who has entered my heart deeply (let’s call him Hank).  I try and try to shake him, however my feelings for Hank will not budge. I like him.  A lot.  And all I can think is “what is wrong with me, why can’t I stop thinking about him?”  Due to the situation that I am in, I am stuck with these feelings- ew a crush- and not able to do anything about it.

(Is this what normal people feel like when they have a crush?  This sucks.  I have not ever been one to shy away from a crush and bury my feelings from them.)

These feelings began getting stronger and stronger.  So, I went to my friends about it.  I talked to all of them and begged them to tell me what I should do.  I got absolutely nowhere.  I got so many different opinions, but none of them felt right.

That’s when I realized what I was doing wrong.  I was simply not searching my own heart and talking to God.  All this time of searching for the right answers and I forgot to ask the One individual that created me.  The One that has the answers to all of my questions.  The One who put Hank in my life for a reason.

As soon as I asked God to guide my heart, to show me why it was hurting, He opened my eyes. I felt immediate peace.  God didn’t put Hank in my life to torture me.  He has a reason.  He always does.  Maybe He put this person in my life to bring me closer to Him. Maybe I needed something to nudge me back.

The more time I spent fretting about what to do with Hank, the less time I was spending with God. I began to drift. So perhaps God was using my crush to wave me down and shout, “Hey look! These earthly things that you chase will never fulfill you like my Love!” Maybe I needed a reminder that:

God, will never let me down

And God IS love

I still don’t know exactly why I like this person, or the exact reason why God would use Hank to potentially distract me from Him.  But what I do know is that He wouldn’t do it without a purpose.

He is using this person in my life to pull me closer to Him.

We get lost.  We are human.  When we do, God uses someone or something to bring us closer to him.  This has reminded me to not just talk to God, but be still and listen to him as well.

Whenever you feel you are lost, like you will never find the answers to the questions stirring in your heart, just pause.  Take a deep breath.  And stop asking people who are..well not God for answers that they can’t ever answer.  Friends and mentors can give you advice but no one can give you peace like God can.

When none of the answers feel right, pray to God.  He may not provide you with a direct answer, but he will remind you he does nothing without a reason.  Just be patient.  And let his love and peace fill you.


For the man I thought you could be

I hope you look back with affection
to that day
We laid underneath the stars
And reminisced about only the happiest of memories
That was the day, I thought your eyes told me you loved me
That was the day I remember looking at you when you laughed

and realized I wanted that laugh on my lips

That was the day I fell in love with you
Not the you that you are now
But the you I know you will be one day
Dapper, and oh so sweet

Sweet as flan

Charming even
The man that
I know, will one day find the woman you love
and will surrender all other women for her

That’s the man I fell in love with
Not the immature boy you are now
But the man you have the potential to be

I expected that man
And you failed me

And you continue to disappoint me
Everyday it aches me a little to see, you make so many godawful decisions
That one day you will regret
That one day you will hopefully understand count for nothing in this world

I remember that day with fondness
No matter how we ended

Heart-wrenching, but only for me
Tragic, for no reason at all
Jealous, over someone who won’t ever love you
Bitter, at you for becoming bored with my smile  
Mourning, the love we never shared

I love you despite all of the
Thick, black tar that is now
Sugar coating my heart
A constant state of forlorn
I love the man, I know you could be someday

Because you opened my eyes
Widened my horizons
I didn’t think I could have more than a friendship kind of love again

Thank you for showing me misery,
So that I would understand that it’s okay

to open one’s heart to the world
I’ll try
And remember that the man I will love one day,
Would never leave me like you did

-for my February Love 



Be YOU Before You Become Anyone Else’s

In today’s society I see people constantly struggling with who they are as young adults and teenagers.  I myself have moments when I am so caught up with stress and worrying that I find myself drifting away from who I am.  At such a tender age, teens are so easily swayed in their opinions and feel the pull of peer pressure as if it were a physically binding spirit reaching into our brains and tearing us this way and that.  There are ways to fight this natural urge, this force.  But one of the main ways I see people losing themselves is in relationships.

In order for a relationship (whether friends, boy/girl friends, or family) to be successful, there must be communication, feeling, time, and effort.  Throughout all of this, we tend to give a part of ourselves to everyone we care about.  Pieces of yourself are broken off and offered up on a silver platter of love.  However, giving away pieces of yourself does not mean you have to lose yourself in the process.  

I know this concept can be confusing.  But in your relationships, know who you are and stand up for what you believe in.  If you let others push you around or guide your likes/dislikes and let them tell you who you can or cannot be friends with, how can you ever say that you are your own person?  I don’t know about you, but I never want to be anyone other than who I truly am.  It takes patience, endurance, and tough skin.  But it will always be worth it.

Listen to the song your heart is singing.  Fight for what you believe in.  Be yourself.  And do not let anyone call you worthless.  Be YOU before you are anyone else’s.  







The No Spending Month- My Personal Savings Crisis and How I’m Conquering It

I created the No Spending Month money diet for myself because in February I will be turning 18, getting my driver’s license, and will be in the process of buying a car.  Not only do I blow through my money the second it hits my bank account, but I put it at the back of mind and don’t think about my money spending responsibly.  So, I’ve created a budget of sorts that is tailored for young adults and teenagers with a low paying job, that caters to their specific needs.

The first thing I did, was create and write down some personal rules that address my weaknesses.

  1. Allow 5$ a week that can be spent on non-essential purchases.  For example, let’s say I am early leaving for school and I want to stop for donuts but I already have plans to go out the coming up weekend with a friend for coffee.  I have to weigh my options and choose which of my wants is more dire.
  2. Can’t upgrade any food to a large. (Do you really need to make your fries and drink a large?  The Answer is no)
  3. Cant buy myself food while I am working!  This is one of my greatest weaknesses because it is so easy to be at work drooling over all of the food and talking myself into buying something because I went straight from school to work.
  4. Books rules! Anyone who has met me should know that I am a huge reader and a book fanatic. Books are my guilty pleasure!  So I am only allowed to get books if…
    1. I am buying them from Half Price Books
    2. I am only using money that I have left over from the five bucks a week, and have saved it up for a certain book
    3. I have already checked to make sure the library and none of my other friends own the book

My four rules are pretty simple.  They cater to my specific weaknesses and limit only purchases that are non-essential.  The guidelines are not made to limit all of my money, just my extra spending.  That way, I am still able to buy school books and day to day needs without worrying about spending my five dollars.  Although these rules are specific to me, the intent for bringing this topic into my blog is so that I can encourage others to take on a similar challenge! If there is someone out there who knows that they need to be saving money this post is for you. Check out my plan, and make your own kind of budget that is specific to you and follows the general idea of my own.

I started this budget on January 9th.  It’s only been two weeks, and it has been a much harder struggle than I thought it would be!  I feel more understanding to what my life will look like when I tackle college and enter the years when I will be regarding myself as a “broke college student” then I ever have before.

The first week, I spent my five dollars one day after school on the way to work.  Let me tell ya’, it was a miserable weekend not being able to go out with friends for a Saturday night out.  The second week, I did everything I could to not spend my money until the weekend.  I avoided Chick- Fil- A at all costs (my FAV), begged my friends to hold my wallet when we walked into Target, and keep me away from Harry Potter merchandise at B&N.

Somehow….. I made it! Not only did I get to the weekend without spending my precious 5 bucks, but when I did end up going out I did everything for free!  I hit up an old friend to get free movie tickets and I used coupons when I went out to eat.  So now, I have double the money to spend for next week!

I’ve begun this process and already I have started to get used to it.  In a couple weeks I will update on where I am! Two weeks down, three to go.


Texting! Don’t Let It Smother The Fire In Your Relationship

Texting has grown since the beginning of the 21st century from a hobby, to an excuse to hide our faces and personal thoughts behind a digitized screen. For most, texting is no longer just used for planning dates, it has morphed into the entire relationship. Young adults and teenagers spend hours texting the people they are infatuated with, wanting to spend every waking moment chatting. The reason so many find their relationships dying after a couple weeks is because a couple cannot spend that much time talking to each other. You will get sick of one another! At the end of the day, who wants to come home and sit down to have a conversation and not have anything to talk about? The answer is, no one. To avoid this predicament, below are six rules about texting and relationships:

  1. You do not owe anyone a response! If you are going throughout your day and you get a text from your sweetheart, feel no obligation to respond. Perhaps you do want to talk to them but just don’t have the time. A ,“Hey, I’ll talk to you later tonight. Really busy right now!” never hurts. If they cannot deal with you having a life outside of your relationship, they are asking for you to give up yourself as an individual and that is too much.
  2. Use proper grammar. Who is attracted to someone who uses an infinite amount of bad grammar, to the point that you cannot comprehend what they are saying?
  3. Be flirty. You want to keep your companion engaged! You don’t want them to get over you before you have even truly begun to know the other person. Let’s say you meet a cute girl in the local coffee shop and you swap numbers. You do not want to get a couple texts in, and then she is already getting bored with you. Keep the conversation light and bubbly. Ask her about her day but keep it short and sweet, you don’t want her to become desensitized to you.
  4. Keep the conversation refreshing. If it is far enough along in the relationship (or you are just choosing to ignore ALL of my fancy worded, wisdom filled advice) and you are comfortable with the person you have spent a couple dates with, then it is okay to send a message with the purpose of more then just plans. However, make it refreshing.  No one wants to respond to a dull, one worded text. And for goodness sakes, don’t start a text with a simple “Hey”. How unexciting is that? I know that personally when I get a “Hey” text, I almost always look at it and don’t respond. Keep it intriguing by asking a couple questions. For example, “Hey Zach! How is your day going? Btw, I rocked that presentation this morning, just like you said I would!” Short and sweet. Yet it shows that you truly are interested in the other person’s life. Don’t freak if they don’t respond right away.  A text like this is worded so that if they don’t receive it until late, it isn’t a big deal and can still be answered the same.
  5. Take the hint.  With all of this in mind, be aware of the context in the texts you are getting back. If you are getting one or two word texts, take the hint. If the other person is not spending the time to text you thoughtful messages, they do not care that much.
  6. Follow the three day rule. I live by and have avoided many unhealthy relationships with this. If you feel unsure of a person and where your relationship may go, then try this. Don’t text back for three whole days. I know that it feels like forever, but if the person you have been going on dates with doesn’t text you and see how you are, then they most likely do not care as much as someone should care about you.

You deserve the best out of any relationship! Take this advice and do something with it. Do not let anyone treat you like you are anything less than the magnificent beauty you are!